Our direct fabrication facilities include two (2) buildings totaling over 20,000 SF with an additional 5,000 SF available open to sky for special assemblies & projects.

Shop Fabrication is one of our core capabilities. In all industrial sectors, productivity and economic efficiency are the main factors for sustainable success. Reliable and durable production plants together with their capital process euqipments in the complete systems therefore play an important role. Fabricating carbon and alloy Process equipments , piping & Customised fabrication systems, we have the consistent ability to produce 4000+ pipe spools & 100 MT process Equipments etc monthly. Our shops and fabrication facilities are filled with highly skilled craftsmen, pipefitters, pipe fabricators, pipe welders with excellent safety and quality performance records. greater quality, efficiency and, ultimately, significant cost savings for customers. We take great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations in all areas, including performance, design, logistics, schedule, delivery, and cost. We are your preferred pipe Process equipment fabricators.

We employ welders certified on all carbon steels, titanium, chrome alloy, nickel, hastelloy, steels (304, 316, Carpenter 20, 2025, 904L, etc.) and aluminum. Code Work – ASME PP & S Stamps B31.1, B31.2 and B31.3. Welding procedures include MIG, TIG and orbital.

Our Core fabrications includes Heat Exchangers, Reaction Vessels with Agitators , Pressure Vessel & Tanks , Piping Spools, Skid & Skid Mounted Plant, Critical Fabrications , Process Columns , Air Pollution Equipments , Weld Overlay, Cladded Equipments, Tailor Made fabrication & Exotic Fabrications

Heat Exchangers

Custom manufacturer of shell & tube heat exchangers. Types of heat exchangers include U tube heat exchangers, straight tube fixed tube sheet exchangers & straight tube floating tube sheet.

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Reaction Vessels

Chemical reactors and process tanks are custom designed to meet our customers' requirements. Steelcraft Engineered Products' process tanks are used in food and chemical industries. They can be

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Pressure Vessel & Tanks

Custom ASME and PED pressure vessels are among EP's flagship products. We are known for our expertise in PV design and manufacture and our extensive knowledge in designing with, and handling a

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Piping Spools

Our fabrication facilities produce pipe spools, headers, manifolds, and skid-mounted piping and equipment modules that are utilized in a diverse range of industries, including power generation,

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Skid & Skid Mounted Plant

The competitive Downstream and Petrochemical markets constantly demand higher efficiency with reduced footprint. The industry’s response is new technology in a Skid or Modular configuration

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Process Columns

We offer process columns and column internals in a wide variety of materials for various applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. we can supply column with reboiler /

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Air Pollution Equipments

The cyclone is a widely used type of particulate collection device in which dust-laden gas enters tangentially into a cylindrical or conical chamber and leaves through a central opening.

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Weld Overlay

We have the facilities for weld overlay of valve parts like balls, seat ring etc and Tube sheets used in Oil & Gas Industries. Manual TIG & SMAW Welding technique is used for weld overlay

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Cladded Equipments

Explosion cladding is a solid state welding process that uses precision explosions to bond two dissimilar metals while retaining the mechanical, electrical and corrosion properties of both. The process is most commonly used to

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Tailor Made fabrication

Tailor Made Fabrication includes access ladders, access platforms, structural stairs, structural steelwork, guardrails, handrails, walkways, commercial fire escapes, mezzanine flooring, open mesh flooring and plate flooring.

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Exotic Fabrications

EXOTIC FABRICATIONS includes designs and fabricates highly corrosion Resistance Equipment for the Chemical, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Fertiliser, Pharmaceutical industries etc… Our expertise lies in our reputation to

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Critical Fabrications

We supply the critical fabrications with special type of material and process involved while manufacturing. Intricate shapes with non-standard fabricated components can be manufactured in desired material grade and surface

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Mixing & Pelletizing equipments

Agitator, working in vertical conditions normally as a rotating equipment. In horizontal condition Mixing & Pelletising Equipmnets are working and mostly useful in Foods, Flours Fertilizers, Chemicals, Flyash, carbon black, cement kiln dust, pigments, coal dust, pesticides, electric furnace baghouse dust, Minerals, limestone fines, graphite, coke

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