XRF ANALYSERS Positive Material Identification

Pune Engineering Company enhances its Non Destructive Testing offering with Positive Material Identification service. Our on-site inspection and testing team has multiple highly sophisticated handheld / portable X-Ray Florescence (XRF) Spectrometers which can measure the chemical composition of the materials, non-destructively and accurately.

The range of equipment available for undertaking Positive Material Identification (PMI) at PUNE ENGINEERING AND TESTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is unparalleled in India.

Pune Engineering Company's Positive Material Identification service is fast becoming an integral part of process safety management in the Manufacturing, petroleum refining, petrochemical and electric power generation industries in India, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.

Using various X-Ray Florescence (XRF) instruments, engineers atPUNE ENGINEERING AND TESTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED can provide elemental identification and quantitative determination without regard to form, size and shape. No samples need to be cut during PMI.

Onsite Positive Material Identification (PMI) Services Team

The Pune Engineering Company PMI division has expert engineering and inspection personnel to undertake incoming material inspection and provide on-site alloy verification for Quality control and Stock control purposes.Pune Engineering Company can analyze Melt and Weld and provide a comprehensive Maintenance assessment. Our expert engineers can provide guidance to clients in selection of test equipment and forming test standards.

Our engineers and PMI team can travel across India. PMI Service engineers travel from our offices in Pune, India.

PMI equipment includes:
Portable X-Ray Florescence (XRF) Based Instruments:
  • PEC-1 : DE 2000 from Olympus USA
  • PEC-2 : DPO 2000 from Olympus USA