Water is our most precious commodity. Membrane units are widely used in the water pre-treatment preparation and are becoming one of the most important technologies in the production of highly pure water. PUNE ENGINEERING AND TESTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is your competent partner in bulding these water organization by manufacturing the skids & skid mounted plants such as SWRO Skid, BWRO Skid, Ultra filtration Unit , Process units duly with all electrification & Instrumentation.

Membrane units are used in various sectors of industry:
  • Surface technologies (cutting fluids, tooling oils, emulsions, cataphoresis baths, phosphating baths, painting, cleaning baths)
  • Sea water desalination
  • Wastewater
  • Boiler water preparation
  • Bio-technologies
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Highly complex processes in refinery and petrochemical plants demand the competent handling of operational facilities and products. All the process equipments also have to meet these requirements in order to ensure plant and system safety.

PUNE ENGINEERING AND TESTING SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED with decades of experience, we advise and support you in the various fields of application. Take advantage of our know-how and our customer proximity.

We works and support with various process equipments and custumised fabrication in
  • Waste Water
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Refinery Process
  • Petrochemical Process
  • Air Pollution Control

Food and Beverage Industry

Our food and beverage equipment supply consists of agitators, autoclaves, blowers, boilers, centrifuges, conveyors, dryers, evaporators, feeders, filters, generators, heat exchangers, kettles, mills, mixers, packaging equipment, presses, pumps, reactors, tanks, and more...

Our team will help you make the right high quality product required in food and beverage plant with relevent standard.

Our expertise and services include:
  • Consultation, design and installation of any complete system your product or process dictates
  • Wide knowledge of your batching techniques and methods
  • Ability to design portable vessels to accommodate pre-existing floor scales, doorway and room size limitations
  • A fully equipped state-of-the-art testing facility
  • An experienced ASME-certified field service department readily available for repairs, modifications and installations/start-up of your vessel or system. In addition to our world-class mechanical finishes and passivation, We can also provide electropolish finishes on everything from fittings and reactor vessels, tanks,